Raise $1M - $10M

in the next six months!

Raise $1M - $10M

in the next six months!

Scale your business

Buy property

Build a fund

Launch your new idea

Our Numbers Don’t Lie

Our Numbers Don’t Lie

Watch this Video & Discover How Our System Helped

Companies Raise $100+ Million!

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How Can I Raise Capital?

What Is the Difference Between Raising from Friends & Family and Raising with the DealRaise System?

DealRaise Is A Raising Capital System Built for Funds, VCs, Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Real Estate Companies.

Yes, DealRaise was created so that entrepreneurs like you, who aren't marketers and don’t know how to create an automated “investor pitch system”, can easily collect information about, pitch to, and collect money from accredited investors while you’re sleeping.

Let me show you it works:

​Guide your investors step-by-step through the entire pitch process (so they don’t get confused or LOST, and leave).

​Point your investor straight to the ONE action you want them to take: which is to jump on a call with you or your team.

Follow-up with your investors in an automated way, even after they leave

your website!

What to expect

The DealRaise Capital Raising System™ has helped raise over $100 Million for entrepreneurs, startups, and funds. Our systematic approach takes the guesswork out of raising capital. Just follow us step by step

What we do

Whether you already have a business that you want to scale, or you’re sitting on a raw idea that’s waiting to be launched, we’ll help you step-by-step to get the capital you need.

Inspired by billionaires

We’ve worked closely with VC & Angel Fund behemoths like Reid Hoffman, Dan Fleyshman, & Maynard Webb, who manage billions of dollars in assets.

Fortune 500 clients

But we’ve also helped raise for well-known companies like Radio Shack, Pier 1 Imports, Crush Capital, Dressbarn, Linens N' Things, Steinmart, and Modell's Sporting Goods.

Entrepreneurs and Funds

While also helping smaller Entrepreneurs optimize their systems

and raising additional millions for huge Real Estate Deals and Scaling Franchises.

Steps to Raising Capital

Step One: Perfect Your Pitch.

Get access to dozens of powerful, yet easy to follow pitch methods that you can use right away to get investors to give you money…

DEAL TERMS THAT WIN In a competitive market, your terms must be just right. That’s why you can use our equity and debt calculators to decide your exact deal terms.

ELEVATOR PITCHES THAT AREN’T BORING A 6 step pitch that won’t bore your investor. Just follow along the formula to get money in the door.

PITCH DECKS THAT WOW We have a library of pitch decks that you can choose from depending upon your industry. Follow them slide by slide for best results.

OBJECTION-BUSTING CLOSING SCRIPT One "insanely-persuasive" strategy to push your investors past their fears so that you can

actually collect.

THE “MUST OPEN” ONE-PAGER A simple PDF template that we’ve used to get VC pitches from cold emails. Use this to jump to the head of the pack.

Step Two: Build a Funnel.

A poor online presence can doom your capital raise. Use our EXACT templates to build the “Perfect Funnel” that will get investors on the phone with you.

HIGH-CONVERTING FUNNEL TEMPLATES Is your website filling your calendar with investor calls? If not… use our funnel system to get investors on the phone.

FOLLOW-UP TEXT & VM TEMPLATES Do NOT send poorly written, unpersusasive texts and voicemails. It will ruin your raise.

Instead: use ours.

VIDEO PITCH SCRIPT We’ve written video ads and commercials that have raised and sold hundreds of millions. Use our script for the perfect video ad.

INVESTOR PSYCHOLOGY ACADEMY There are ONLY 4 things that investors care about. And if you don’t hit all four in the right order… your raise is doomed.

“SHOW-UP” CALL SYSTEM It’s one thing to get soft interest from an investor, it’s another to have them watch your entire pitch. Use our system to make sure they show up.

Step Three: Find Investors.

It’s one thing to have a great pitch, but how and where do you find investors? The good news is “investors are everywhere.” Bad news is that without a system… you’re lost.

RANK HIGH ON GOOGLE Use our word-for-word SEO and Adwords copy templates to rank at the top of google when someone searches “invest in (your industry).”

GET INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK DMS Simple to follow templates built on the back of 100K+ tests. These templates will get investors DMing YOU.

FIND INVESTORS WITH YOUTUBE ACADEMY Everyone is on Youtube… but there are very few brands using it correctly. We’ll show

you how.

HOW TO CLOSE AT EVENTS Are you tired of getting “interest” from people at events but don’t know how to follow up to get the deal? Our system will get money AT the event.

SOCIAL MEDIA & PERSONAL BRANDING Follow our exact calendar uploading schedule and use our specific, investor-focused templates to get eyes on your social.

Step Four: Close the Deal.

Over 100 templates & scripts using advanced sales frameworks & strategies, with new methods added monthly! Never let an interested investor get away.

CLOSING SCRIPT Use this to take your list of “interested” investors and turn them into lifetime partners who will invest in all your deals.

QUALIFYING SCRIPT Nothing’s worse than talking to a window shopper. Use this exact script to find out if someone is qualified within the first

30 seconds.

NDA TEMPLATE Don’t give away all of your secrets before the pitch. Make sure you have everyone sign an iron-clad NDA. But there’s a way to do it that’s not annoying.

SMASH THE 6 OBJECTIONS There are 6 reasons why an investors won’t invest. And we’ll teach you how to crush them each, one by one.

UNLOCK THE 7 STAGES OF A SALE Every investor goes through 7 stages before investing. We’ll show you how to take them through the journey to investing step by step.

Step Five: Protect Yourself.

Angel List’s founder says even if you have a company, you always have to “avoid ruin.” Meaning: use DealRaise to get your legal documents in order…

VALUATION CALCULATOR How much is your company worth? Use our plug-and-play calculator to find out within a few clicks.

STOP! - “CHOOSE THE RIGHT SEC EXCEPTION" STOP right here. Avoid the deep waters by choosing the right SEC exception using our simple cheat sheet.

DEBT OR EQUITY CONTRACTS Do NOT spend unnecessary money legal contracts and documents. We have templates you can use for free.

PRO-FORMA PROJECTIONS FORMULA How much are you going to make in 5 years, EXACTLY? Use our projections calculator and find out

in seconds.

SAFE NOTES TO PROTECT YOU The value of your company isn't defined by what you THINK, it’s valued by the market. Use a SAFE note so you don’t give up too much equity.

Need to know more about what DealRaise can do for you?

Look below to see more powerful features inside of your DealRaise account.

Here's a closer look at what you’ll get…

This is a "Living" System: With More Templates & Coaching Added Monthly... With The Lifetime Pass You'll Be Able to Unlock ALL Future Learnings At No Extra Cost

But don’t take my word for it… Who has this worked for?

But don’t take my word for it… Who has this worked for?

CASE STUDY 1 - How we found $2M from Instagram. Detailed break down on what it took for us to find, land, and close a $2M check from ONE investor.

CASE STUDY 2 - How one company raised $100M. Watch as I break down one of the highest converting Reg D rounds in the history of the United States.

CASE STUDY 3 - How we close millions for real estate. You should be sending investors to a high-converting funnel to pre-pitch them, not a generic website. We’ll show you exactly how.

What Makes the DealRaise Capital Raising System Better?

After building hundreds of funnels, teaching hundreds of thousands of students, spending tens of millions on marketing, and helping our clients raise over a hundred million dollars with our system… and offering the system to you for FREE…

This is obviously a no-brainer to try. Take a look at this pros and cons analysis if you're still unsure...

“Everyone has an idea, but it’s really about executing the idea and attracting other people to help you with the idea.” -Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder of Twitter

“The best entrepreneurs are not the best visionaries. The greatest entrepreneurs are incredible salespeople. They know how to tell an amazing story that will convince talent and investors to join in on the journey.” -Alejandro Cremades, Entrepreneur

Infinite Scalability

We Take the Pain Out of Raising Capital

For world-class entrepreneurs and fund managers, DealRaise makes raising money as simple as answering the phone. With our proven system for finding accredited investors at scale, you’ll only speak to pre-pitched, accredited investors who are interested in your deal. Stop the chase. Let the right investors come to you.


capital raised using our tested & proven system


Accredited investor conversations have taught us a lot


Step-by-step lessons and templates to use for your deal


per month collected by just one of our flagship clients.

Money Back Guarantee

What if I don’t like it?

If you aren’t blown away by the value that you get within the first three days then your card will never be charged. At any time if you want to cancel your order you just click one button and it’s done. There is ZERO risk. And even after that, if you’re unsatisfied within 7 days after paying, we’ll still give you your money back. All upside. No downside.

Yeah maybe it worked for billionaires…

but how about me? Will this work for me?

Who's DealRaise For Anyway?

Who's DealRaise For Anyway?

These Methods Are Designed For You

These Methods Are Designed For You

ENTREPRENEURS & EXECUTIVES - Let’s get your business the capital it needs!

The only thing worse than a dying company is one that can’t scale due to cashflow restrictions. We know your company has the capability of scaling faster, and potentially even gobbling up a few competitors, if only you could inject some fuel into the fire. Use our system to find, pitch, and collect from investors at scale.

FUNDS & VCs - Obviously a cutting-edge system.

Stop competing for the same pool of family offices, institutions, endowments, and stagnant syndicates. You need a constant flow of high net worth individuals added to your tribe of potential investors every day. When your current list of investors runs dry, what do you do? You need a machine to keep the flow coming. That’s what we help you build.

REAL ESTATE ENTREPRENEURS - We’ve helped quite a few, let us help you!

Dealflow is rarely the problem. You probably have tens or hundreds of millions in great deals that you could close tomorrow if you only had the capital. So why don’t you have a steady stream of new investors to talk to every day? It’s because you don’t have a system. You don’t have a funnel. You don’t have a way of pitching to investors while you sleep. We change that.

STARTUPS - We started this system for you!

If your startup is ready for the big leagues, or your idea is finally ready to be tested… DealRaise can get you over the first hump. Instead of competing with the other millions of startups vying for the attention of a few angels or VCs, go directly to high net worth individuals themselves: ones who believe in your idea as much as you do.


1- What are the benefits I can expect as a DealRaise client?

When you join DealRaise, you get full access to our done-for-you service. This includes funnel and deck copywriting, graphic and web design, nurturing email, ads, web development, and full access to our built-in investor CRM.

2- Do I need any background in venture or raising capital?

Not at all. All you need is a business that you want to scale, or an idea you want to get off the ground.

3- In what stage does my business have to be to make use of DealRaise?

We have helped clients in all stages raise money. Whether you’re a complete startup, pre-revenue with some traction, or an established business with years of experience: if enough people can find value in your product or service, then DealRaise can help you.

4- Can’t I just raise capital myself, as all investors do? What sets DealRaise apart?

Unless you’re raising money from friends and family, then you may find it very difficult to find a pool of qualified accredited investors to pitch your business to. Raising money is not just about having a great business, you also need a marketing system and a robust CRM on the backend to not only find but qualify investors. You need experience in copywriting, design, development, underwriting, finance, marketing, and much more. Can you do it yourself? If you have the time to do all of this in addition to running your business, then maybe. But most business owners simply don’t have the time nor the bandwidth.

From the Desk of Jonathon Kendall

From the Desk of Jonathon Kendall

CEO, DealRaise

CEO, DealRaise

Do you find it difficult to effectively pitch your ideas to others, even though they make perfect sense in your mind?

Does it frustrate you that your business vision is constantly being pushed back because you don’t have enough cash?

Worst of all, do you feel that the process of raising money is so daunting and time-consuming that you simply don’t have the time to commit to it?

I know how you feel. As a matter of fact, probably all successful entrepreneurs, fund managers, and real estate pros have been exactly where you are at some point.

Let me tell you something, one of the biggest predictors of how successful you’ll be as an entrepreneur isn’t how much money you currently have, but how much money you can raise to scale your businesses.

But let me tell you something: this really isn’t just about money.

Money is merely the surface manifestation of a much deeper issue, which is either a lack of knowledge, support, resourcefulness, know-how, or all of the above.

I want you to consider this scenario: what if you find a bag with 10 million dollars in it, would that solve your current business problems?

It probably would.

But let me ask you this: what about the next time you want to raise money? Do you think you'll be so lucky again? Would you be willing to hinge the potential of your entire career on another universal coincidence?

I don’t think you would.

That’s why you need a solution that works across time. Sure, easy money can help you make something happen NOW, but what about your future?

Whichever way you spin it, you MUST master the game of raising capital if you want to secure your future as an entrepreneur.

So whether you already have a business that you need to scale, an idea that you want to get off the ground, or you just want to build a fund, the same rules apply: you must learn how to raise capital to achieve any of those.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

Your ideas are only as good as your ability to communicate them, and the level of support you have along the way.

In other words, even if you’re sitting on an idea with the biggest potential since Facebook, nobody will buy into it unless you know how to effectively formulate and communicate it to investors at mass, and have 24/7 support along the way.

Sadly, this is where so many entrepreneurs fail.

But I’m here to make sure you don’t.

Which is why I've been working with my team for the better part of a year to create DealRaise.

You can think of DealRaise as your own personal financial and business manifesto.

Not only will I teach you about the different options you have for raising capital, with all the soft and hard skills necessary to transform your idea from something that only exists in your head, into an actual pitch that raises money fast….

….but I also provide you with a team of experts (myself included) who will guide and support you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

It’s a very simple process, with a disproportionately HUGE payoff for all our clients.

Once you’re onboarded, you can immediately start creating all of the digital assets you’ll need to start raising the capital that will help you fulfill your business vision.

In other words, I’m here to show you how to bring people on board with your ideas, and in turn, raise the money you need to actually MANIFEST those ideas.

Using just some of the skills and concepts that you’ll find in DealRaise, I helped raise over $100M working with a number of high-level clients throughout my career.

And who’s to say you can’t do the same?

If you’re still reading, then something must’ve resonated with you. But trust me, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to master the game of raising capital, and be propelled forward by a team of EXPERTS, then I urge you to press the button below, and join with a FREE trial. After joining, you’ll speak direclty with me and my team, where well help you step by step.

This is the start of next level of your entrepreneurial journey.

Thank you,

Jonathon Kendall