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Get the Capital You Need

Get the Capital You Need

Struggling to raise capital?

Struggling to raise capital?

Maybe you’re launching a startup or trying to scale your business… but you don’t have enough capital and don’t know how to get it.

Need to find investors?

If you're managing a fund, connecting with the right accredited investors is crucial: but the challenge of building a robust investor network is daunting.

We can help.

If you need investors: our 'Investor Lead Gen System' is your pathway to daily calls with accredited investors. Or if you need fast cash: our “Fast Cash Funding” system can get you access to $100K in the next week.

How We Can Help

We can perfect your pitch, get you quick working capital, or introduce you to accredited investors.

Access Quick Capital

Fast Cash Funding Service – This system is designed to quickly provide funding for businesses and startups, even without collateral. It's a straightforward, risk-free approach to securing the finances you need, often within just a few weeks.

Expand Your Investor Network

Expand Your

Investor Network

Investor Lead Gen System – Offering a full-service solution, this system connects you with 400 curated investors each month. It includes all aspects of strategy, copywriting, and outreach, ensuring you're in touch with decision-makers at angel investors, VCs, and family offices.

Perfect Your Investor Pitch

Perfect Your

Investor Pitch

Full Build Out Service – Tailored to enhance your fundraising efforts, this service includes creating an investor website, crafting a compelling Video Sales Letter (VSL), designing a persuasive pitch deck, and more, ensuring you're fully equipped to present your idea attractively and effectively.


What Set Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Proven Systems

Get access to systems that have already raised over $100M.

Customized Funding Strategies

Tailored solutions for diverse business needs.

Advanced Technology Integration

Utilizing cutting-edge tools for efficiency and impact.

Access to a World-Class Team

We’ve spoken to thousands of investors.

Investor Pitch Systems

We’ll share with you our proven templates.

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

We’ll send you daily performance metrics.

Personalized Support Team

Dedicated assistance for each step of your journey.

Secure Data Management

Advanced security protocols to protect sensitive information.

Compliance Advisory

Expert guidance on legal and regulatory aspects of fundraising.


How does DealRaise help me raise capital?

We offer various services to help you raise capital, including our Fast Cash Funding system, Investor Lead Generation service, and our Full Build Out package. Our services are designed to provide you with all the tools necessary to attract potential investors and grow your business.

What is the Fast Cash Funding service?

Our “Fast Cash Funding” service is a specialized system that is designed to help business and startup owners get the funding they need, even without any collateral. With this service, you can access fast and affordable financing to help you grow your business. We also do not get paid unless you get access to the capital you need: so it’s zero risk! Schedule a call and we’ll help you get $50K - $100K often within just a few weeks.

How does the Investor Lead Gen System work?

Our “Investor Lead Gen System” is a full-service solution for growing your investor syndicate. We provide 400 curated investors each month, so that you can easily connect with Decision makers, angel investors, VCs, and family offices. All copywriting, strategy, and reach out are included in this comprehensive package. This service can help you expand your network of potential investors and boost your chances of securing funding. Usually we’re able to get you one call with an accredited investor every business day.

Can DealRaise create my pitch deck, ppm, and investor website?

Yes! Our “Full Build Out” service is designed to help companies raise capital. We will create your investor website, build out your CRM, create a Video Sales Letter (VSL), write & design your pitch deck, and create your Pro-Forma. Please schedule a call for full details.

Are there any long-term commitments required when using these services?

No, all of our services are offered on flexible and month-to-month contracts - so no long-term commitment is needed!

How quickly can I start using these services?

 Usually within 48-72 hours. Once your purchase is completed, our team will begin the setup process and you'll be ready to go in no time!

How quickly can I start using these services?

What are the fees for DealRaise services?

What are the fees for DealRaise services?

DealRaise offers three main services with fees as follows:

- Investor Lead Generation: $1.7K/month

- Fast Cash Funding: 10% of what is raised

- Full Build Out: $5K+ $200/month

Can I trust DealRaise with my business?

Yes, you can trust DealRaise with your business. The company collaborates only with companies and brands that share their integrity and unwavering values. They also have a track record of helping renowned brands raise over $100M. Furthermore, their founders, Lindsay Nance and Jonathan Kendall, are driving forces in entrepreneurship and the business world.

About Us

Lindsay Nance

Lindsay Nance is the co-founder and CEO of DealRaise. She is renowned for her innovative approaches in crowdfunding and digital marketing, significantly contributing to capital raising and sales growth. Lindsay's expertise extends to graphic design and video editing, enhancing her strategic and creative capabilities.

Her influence reaches beyond business, impacting multinational non-profits globally. Lindsay's commitment to ethical practices and her passion for entrepreneurship make her a reliable guide for clients navigating the business world.

Jonathon Kendall

A co-founder of DealRaise, is an entrepreneur known for his pivotal role in raising over $100M in investments for major brands. His expertise in sales and funnel systems is reflected in his successful ventures, including VirtualWorkerNow and SonicSolutions. Jonathon's leadership extends to assembling a large team focused on business support.

He previously led MentorBox as CEO, serving over 100,000 students. A recognized speaker and digital marketing expert, Jonathon's insights are sought after in masterminds and conferences, contributing significantly to DealRaise's success.

Jon Caldwell

Jon Caldwell, as the Senior Financial Consultant at DealRaise, brings over a decade of entrepreneurial experience in business funding. He specializes in aiding entrepreneurs and business owners in securing fast funding from banks and lenders for launching or scaling their businesses. Jon's proficiency includes understanding the intricacies of loan applications and approval processes.

He also provides extensive knowledge in selecting suitable loan products and strategies to maximize funding success, guiding clients through each step with his deep financial insight.

David Hinojosa

David, as the Director of Capital Raising at DealRaise, merges his entrepreneurial experience with diverse professional skills to excel in capital raising for startups and funds. He employs innovative strategies, drawing on his background in founding businesses and creative ventures. David's bilingual and bicultural expertise enhances communication with a varied client base.

His proven track record in fundraising, coupled with a client-centric approach, ensures tailored solutions and effective presentations. His role extends beyond funding, advising on business growth and sustainable development, underlining his commitment to clients' long-term success.

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