The capital you need

in the next six months


  • 1. Scale Your Business
  • 2. Buy Property
  • 3. Build a Fund
  • 4. Launch Your New Idea

Trusted by thousands of investors and iconic brands.


Whether you already have a business that you want to scale, or you’re sitting on a raw idea that’s waiting to be launched, I’ll help you step-by-step get the capital you need.


"Jonathon Kendall's ability to build simple, effective systems is world-class. His capital raising system combines your business model with comprehensive insights on consumer behavior and digital marketing."

Alec Gonzales • Co-Founder of LeadNurture


  • Develop your idea into a proper business model that investors will be excited to fund.
  • Craft an irresistible and eye-catching pitch that will have investors excited to join your cap table.
  • Create the perfect sales funnel to get investors at scale.
  • Choose the exact SEC regulations & investment instruments to attract the most investors fast.
  • Get one-on-one support from a team that has raised over $100M from accredited investors.



Here’s a glimpse of what we offer...

Run ads to find accredited investors.
Ad copy and ad design templates.
The legal documents you need for your pitch.
The exact software to use.
The major mistakes to avoid that could ruin your raise.
Create a landing page that gets fast opt-ins.
An exact deck template that we’ve used to raise over $100M.
Write your pitch and qualifying scripts (with templates).
Formulate and communicate your offer to investors.
Get strategic partners to help you with the business.



1. How will this actually help me? Can’t I just Google it?

Not everything is on google. And more importantly… there’s so much noise out there and small tidbits of information here or there… if you want to try and glue together your own system then go ahead. But if you want a fast approach, then you’ll want to follow a step-by-step system, taught to you by someone who has been in the trenches themselves.

2. How long does it take to get started?

Our white-glove onboarding experience starts right away. After you complete our onboarding checklist, we'll have your custom marketing assets and tracking system live in less than four weeks.

3. Why not just get a bank loan?

Banks can grant you a loan but they’ll require massive collateral, usually a near perfect credit score, a personal guarantee, and near perfect, audited books. If you have all of that AND you want to pay back the loan rather than getting equity investors… feel free. But most business owners with great ideas need to build a syndicate of investors first. If that’s you… then join us and we’ll teach you how.

4. I have no experience in copywriting, will that be a problem?

Not at all. The only qualification required of you is having an idea or business, and the willingness and openness to learning how to scale it.



Jonathon Kendall is currently the co-founder & COO of LeadNurture: an all-in-one sales, funnels, & CRM software; as well as the Executive Director of VirtualWorkerNow, an international outsourcing agency.

Throughout his career, Jonathon raised over $100M for companies like Radio Shack, Pier 1 Imports, Crush Capital, Dressbarn, FarmersCart, Knowledge Society, Linens N' Things, Steinmart, and Modell's Sporting Goods while also helping other entrepreneurs optimize their systems and raising additional millions for huge real estate deals and scaling franchises.

In addition, Jonathon spent three years at MentorBox, eventually taking up the role of CEO, and working closely with VC & Angel Fund behemoths like Reid Hoffman, Dan Fleyshman, & Maynard Webb, who manage billions of dollars in assets.



Do you find it difficult to effectively pitch your ideas to others, even though they make perfect sense in your mind?

Does it frustrate you that your business vision is constantly being pushed back because you don’t have enough cash?

I know how you feel. As a matter of fact, probably all successful entrepreneurs have been exactly where you are at some point.

Let me tell you something, one of the biggest predictors of how successful you’ll be as an entrepreneur isn’t how much money you currently have, but how much money you can raise to scale your businesses.

So whether you already have a business that you need to scale, or just an idea that you want to get off the ground, the same rules apply: you’ll need to raise capital to achieve either.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

Your ideas are only as good as your ability to communicate them.

So even if you’re sitting on an idea with the biggest potential since Facebook, nobody will buy into it unless you know how to accurately and effectively formulate and communicate it to investors at mass.

Sadly, this is where so many entrepreneurs fail.

But I’m here to make sure you don’t.

You can think of this system as your business manifesto.

Not only will I teach you about the different raising capital options you have, but I will also teach you all the soft and hard skills necessary to transform your idea from something that only exists in your head, into an actual pitch that raises money fast.

In other words, I’m here to show you how to bring people on board with your ideas, and in turn, raise the money you need to actually MANIFEST those ideas.

Using just some of the skills and concepts in this system, I helped raise over $100M working with a number of high-level clients throughout my career.

And who’s to say you can’t do the same?

If you’re still reading, then something must’ve resonated with you. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to master the game of raising capital, then I urge you to press the button below, and gain full access to this system, my team, all the templates I use, and 24/7 support along your journey.

This is the start of the rest of your entrepreneurial journey.

Thank you,

Jonathon Kendall


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